Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I've Tendencies I Can't Seem to Outgrow

Ahhh I'm having a minor meltdown. Like I mentioned in my last post I'm supposed to write a speech, oh but wait I'm not done yet. Not only do we have to write a speech, we have to write a GOOD speech, type it, know it somewhat well, and recite it in front of the class. I'm going to pee my pants and then die. First of all the speech I wrote sucks, I don't know it, and it's not typed. All my fault, although I think YouTube should share some of the blame. I mean I might have written something half decent if I hadn't watched millions of videos as a form of procrastination.

Some good came out of this unfortunate event though, besides the hilarity that will ensue when I stand up at that haunting podium and have nothing to say to my classmates. Maybe I should stand there, shrug my shoulders and say "I'm sorry but I'm no wiser than you are, I don't have any more of an idea about what I'm doing here than you do." I wonder if I would get extra points for being honest. Doubtful. What was I saying? Oh right, good news coming out of my own procrastination. So while on YouTube in an attempt to avoid the task of speech writing and giving, I stumbled across a great musician by the name of Lauren 'O Connel. (LIES I knew about her before). She's one of Julia Nune's friends, and she was in a few videos. I like her lots, she's super talented. Go check out her channel here if you feel so inclined. The title of my blog is one of her song lyrics, but I don't remember which song.

I had a Spanish test today, the reading comprehension was kind of hard, but I think I did okay on it. *Crosses fingers*

Monday, May 4, 2009

Sloppy Firsts

First and foremost, I had a shitty day today and I came home and found a video from Tyler Oakley in my subscriptions box. This made my heart beat faster and my foot jiggle and I sort of jumped up and down because it made me happy. I left a comment telling him he made my day suck less and he responded to it and said "I'm glad :]"

How cute is that?! I love him to pieces. But yeah it's getting too close to summer, I hate school, I don't fit in at all. Only 28 more days! Not to mention I have to prepare a speech for Enligh class based on THIS goddam prompt: "Give your fellow students a piece of advice or words of wisdom."

GIVE MY FELLOW STUDENTS A PIECE OF ADVICE?! If I said what I would like to say to my peers I woul most likely offend several of you. How about I say this to my peers:

1. Stop judging people, you're no better than they are. You aren't compassionate or empathetic at all and you're going to have no friends in your later life.

2. Stop saying offensive things. The words "gay, retard, and faggot" are a thousand times more offensive than me saying fuck ten times in each of my classes. But society doesn't work like that. I would get detention for saying fuck ten times in each of my classes but the kids I go to school with say "gay retard and faggot" at least twice in each class and don't even get told off. This is what is wrong with the world.

3. Shut your mouth about other people, we live in a small town and you think they won't find out you're gossiping about them? Really? How stupid ARE you?

I usually don't talk about how unhappy I am about my school situation on the internet because it sounds petty but I needed to vent. Feel free to not read all that, it's boring, and I am very aware of that fact.

Anywaay on to happier things. I stole my sister's book from her after she was done with it, it's called Sloppy Firsts and I like it a lot so far. I'm going to go read it right after I'm done with my blogging. It's about a girl who is smart and witty and doesn't fit in with anyone at her school except her best friend. Who then moves away, leaving her with people she doesn't know how to connect with, and doesn't want to. This is the exact situation I would be in if either of my best friends left me, only I'm not smart, funny, or witty. It's written in a way that makes me jealous because it's obvious the author is one of those people. Those people who are naturally good at writing, who can sit down and spit out a novel like it's the easiest thing in the world. I think this is the equivalent of having the ability to poop gold. I would prefer to be naturally good at writing personally. Or naturally good at anything now that I think about it. Art, music, writing, SOMETHING.

I have to go write a stupid speech like I'm the wisest person in the world now. Who am I to give these kids advice? It's not like they'll bother listening and even if they do they won't take the advice anyway. How am I supposed to shove a huge elephant of information into their tiny sheltered brains? I have declared this assignment impossible.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Lyin' in my Bed on Sunday.

It is Sunday, a day for lying in bed all day because your mom went to work which means you have no means of getting anywhere. Yayyy. I made a playlist of sweetafton23's videos and Julia Nunes, and I'm currently listening to it on repeat. I think I'm set for the day.

Let's reflect on last night's adventures shall we? Oh by the way this blog is no longer for school purposes which means I can whine about my personal problems all I want and my teacher can't say ANYTHING. Unless she is still reading this in which case I don't really want to whine about my problems because that would be weird. Oh well I'll take my chances. Okay anyway, I went to a party last night, yayy. I'm not the party type, but my friends are so I obliged. I wore a cute tank top thanks to the awesome of my sister who let me borrow it. A pair of cuttoffs and my chucks completed my party outfit. Fancy, right? It was a bonfire type deal, there was a trampoline which I jumped on consistently for about an hour or so. Trampolines are fun. Music was played, the food was gross so I had some celery sticks and carrots. All in all an uneventful party, but I had fun catching up with a few friends I haven't seen in a while.

Since my last real post which was, let's face it, centuries ago, I have not changed much. Biiig shocker there. One thing HAS changed though which is that THERE ARE ONLY 29 MORE DAYS UNTIL SUMMER. There is no amount of all caps I can use to express my excitement about this number of days. Summer is the greatest time of all times ever, I can act crazy and stupid with my friends. I stay with my sister, and this summer I'm working. On a farm. If you knew me in person you would find this extremely funny. I'm pale and the polar opposite of athletic looking, not someone you would expect to see working on a farm. But I need the money so what can I do? Oh and I plan on posting more often, BEDA made me realize I like blogging lots and should be posting more in the future.

You're what keeps me believin' the world's not gone dead <3