Sunday, May 3, 2009

Lyin' in my Bed on Sunday.

It is Sunday, a day for lying in bed all day because your mom went to work which means you have no means of getting anywhere. Yayyy. I made a playlist of sweetafton23's videos and Julia Nunes, and I'm currently listening to it on repeat. I think I'm set for the day.

Let's reflect on last night's adventures shall we? Oh by the way this blog is no longer for school purposes which means I can whine about my personal problems all I want and my teacher can't say ANYTHING. Unless she is still reading this in which case I don't really want to whine about my problems because that would be weird. Oh well I'll take my chances. Okay anyway, I went to a party last night, yayy. I'm not the party type, but my friends are so I obliged. I wore a cute tank top thanks to the awesome of my sister who let me borrow it. A pair of cuttoffs and my chucks completed my party outfit. Fancy, right? It was a bonfire type deal, there was a trampoline which I jumped on consistently for about an hour or so. Trampolines are fun. Music was played, the food was gross so I had some celery sticks and carrots. All in all an uneventful party, but I had fun catching up with a few friends I haven't seen in a while.

Since my last real post which was, let's face it, centuries ago, I have not changed much. Biiig shocker there. One thing HAS changed though which is that THERE ARE ONLY 29 MORE DAYS UNTIL SUMMER. There is no amount of all caps I can use to express my excitement about this number of days. Summer is the greatest time of all times ever, I can act crazy and stupid with my friends. I stay with my sister, and this summer I'm working. On a farm. If you knew me in person you would find this extremely funny. I'm pale and the polar opposite of athletic looking, not someone you would expect to see working on a farm. But I need the money so what can I do? Oh and I plan on posting more often, BEDA made me realize I like blogging lots and should be posting more in the future.

You're what keeps me believin' the world's not gone dead <3

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