Friday, June 26, 2009

Popcorn From a Cooking Pot

I'm siting on a couch in a hotel that is plopped down in a somewhat questionable area. I have blisters all over my hands, a sunburn, two awesome new CDs and a homemade comic book. I think you need some elaboration. My sister and I took a road trip, from our town in East Bumfuck Connecticut to go to Rochester and see a cool chick play a show at a coffee shop. It was pretty fun, she played an awesome show and the guy who played before her was also really good. I'm jealous, I wish I lived in a place where people played good music at coffee shops. After the show we bought her CD, which she signed- yay. I spent most of the small amount of money I had on CDs and stuff at the show, so for dinner I had the popcorn that came complementary with my hotel room. I searched frantically for a bowl to put my nutritious and well balanced dinner in, but all I came up with was a large cooking pot. It's so big it could fit a small infant inside. Ridiculous.

In other news, I started working on Monday, I don't know if I've mentioned before that I have a really elegant and well paying job this summer. I'm working on a farm. I'm just going to let the internet soak up that information for a little bit. Pretty much it's my job to hoe a whole bunch of shit, like lettuce and onions and stuff. Hence the sunburn and blisters. That's really all I've done so far, my salary is a whole dollar below minnimun wage, go me. I'm not complaining though because I need money and my job does a pretty good job of supplying a meager amount of that for me.

It's 12:15 now, and I should probably get some sleep. We're driving to Ithica tomorrow as a second part of our road trip, and maybe Niagra Falls. Let us all hope I don't trip and fall in. By the way by "probavly get some sleep" I mean that I am tempted to go break into the pool outside (which is closed). I'll let you know how that goes.

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