Friday, January 30, 2009

Ninjas, Music, and Weather.

Like my ninja? Look how awesome he is... I love him. I have not yet decided on a name for him, something my classmates can help me with I hope. I will slowly add more music as I go along, right now I only have favorites but I expect that it will steadily grow much larger in the next few months.

Best wishes!

(I am OBSESSED with that Mountain Goats song)

Why I'm Angry Today.

So, for my project I'm supposed to include an "audio" section. I was GOING to include a playlist that's plays from this ninja icon but it's blocked on my school computer. Of course, Facebook isn't blocked but a music website is, our internet filter is quite obviously in need of medication. I'll add the playlist when I get home I suppose, just one more thing to add to all the homework I already have. *Groan*, at least it's Friday.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Everyone Loves Monday!

Monday is the day of the week with the highest suicide rate, and this is why. Let's hope Obama can fix some of this mess our country is currently in.

On a lighter note, LOST came back last week! Oh how I love LOST... Also some other good news is that Obama is limiting the amount of greenhouse gasses that come from cars in 13 states! Read the article here.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Mountain Goats.

There are no words to describe my love for this song.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Spanish Spanish and More Spanish.

Present Progressive Tense:

Hablar- to talk

Present Prgressive Tense of Hablar
etoy hablando
estas hablando
esta hablando
estamos hablando
estais hablando
estan hablando

You create the present Progressive tenses by adding the appropriate jerrend onto the verb. For ER/IR verbs it's the ending "iendo" and for AR verbs it's "ando"

DECIR-to say or tell

I say that the bank is next to the airport.
Digo que el banco esta cerca del aeropuerto.

SALIR- to leave to to go out

Prepostional Phrases to Express Location (Page 95 in the textbook)
cerca de
detras de
delante de
al lado
a la izquierda
a la derecha de

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Oh Spanish Midterms, You're so Fun.

So, last week my tech. teacher asked me to post things on this blog that can be useful to my classmates. As we have a Spanish midterm coming up, I decided to post the study guide from the last few weeks.

This is the most reccent thing we've gone over in class:

Felling with the verb ESTAR
Estoy deprimido
Estas alegre
Esta triste

They just ate
Acaban de comer

Venir-to come (Stem changing verb)

Jugar- to play (Stem changing "u" to "ue")

Saber- to know

Direct Object Pronouns
I read the book.
Yo leo el libro.
Yo leo lo.

Me, te, lo, la, nos, os, los, las.

I want to read it
Yo lo quiero leer.
Yo quier leerlo.

We also went over weather vocabulary, which is on page 79 in our textbooks.
Happy studying! I'll post more as we progress in class :)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Paper Towns!

Book: Paper Towns
Author: John Green

Background on the book: Quentin Jacobsen goes on a wild adventure with Margo, his neighbor and childhood crush. When Margo runs away the next day with no word to anyone, Q uses clues she's left behind to find her. On his way to finding her, he discovers she isn't the person anyone believes her to be.

Why you should buy this book: Paper Towns includes the following: Wit that clearly makes anyone who reads it think that the idea of trying to outwit John Green is fictional, poetry, mystery, love, a road trip, and omnictionary. I myself have read the book four times and it does not get any less amazing. The first book I read by John Green was Looking for Alaska, which will always remain my favorite but An Abundance of Katherines and Paper Towns tied for a very close second. This book had me laughing on one page and crying on the next, and is clearly written assuming there are teens who read thoughtfully and carefully. Instead of assuming that teens are incapable of understanding complex ideas, and thinking about them in a deep manner. So, to sum it all up: GO BUY THIS BOOK IT IS FREAKING FANTASTIC.

Here are some of my favorite quotes along the way:

"It's always seemed so ridiculous to me, that people would want to be around someone because they're pretty. Like choosing breakfast colors based on color instead of taste"- Oh, how I wish that every teenager spoke and felt this way.

"It's more impressive from a distance, I mean. You can't see the wear on things, you know? You can't see the rust or the weeds or the paint cracking. You see the place as someone once imagined it."- There are no words to describe my love for this quote.

"You're my designated driver! Yes! You are so designated! I love that you answered! That's so awesome! I have to be home by six! And I designate you to get me there! YESSSSSSS!"- While reading this at 3 AM I woke up the inhabitants of my house laughing. Oh drunk Ben, you made my day.

"And finally it was too much. I could not talk myself down from the feeling, and the feeling became unbearable. I reached in deep to the recesses of my locker. I pushed everything - photographs and notes and books - into the trash can. I left the locker open and walked away. As I walked past the band room, I could hear through the walls the muffled sounds of "Pomp and Circumstance." I kept walking. It was hot outside, but not as hot as usual. It was bearable. There are sidewalks most the way home, I thought. So I kept walking. And as paralyzing and upsetting as all the never agains were, the final leaving felt perfect. Pure. The most distilled possible form of liberation. Everything that mattered except one lousy picture was in the trash, but it felt so great."- For some odd reason that I can't put my finger on, this quote reminds me of Holden Caufield.

"Maybe it's more like you said before, all of us being cracked open. Like, each of us starts out as a watertight vessel. And these things happen— these people leave us, or don't love us, or don't get us, or we don't get them, and we lose and fail and hurt one another. And the vessel cracks open in places. And I mean, yeah, once the vessel cracks open, the end becomes inevitable. Once it starts to rain inside the Osprey, it will never be remodeled. But there is all this time between when the cracks start to open up and we finally fall apart. And it's only in that time that we can see one another, because we see out of ourselves through the cracks and into others through theirs. When did we see each other face-to-face? Not until you saw into my cracks and I saw into yours. Before that, we were just looking at ideas of each other, like looking at your window shade but never seeing inside. But once the vessel cracks, the light can get in. The light can get out."- I am again rendered speachless

"The physical space between us evaporates. We play the broken strings of our instruments one last time....Yes, I can see her almost perfectly in this cracked darkness."- The perfect ending.

P.S. You should also go read John Green's funny blog and go watch all his hilarious youtube videos with his brother Hank.

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Purpose of This Blog

I'm currently sitting in my tech class typing this (while facebooking at the same time) and I was thinking about what to put in this blog. Considering I'm being graded on this because technically it's a project, I'm triyng to figure out what my teacher and peers want to read about; it's proving to be very difficult. I've landed on blogging about things I enjoy: music, books, youtube, other blogs, etc. So this project should be fairly easy.... I hope.