Saturday, February 21, 2009

Nothing New

So, I haven't really posted anything on here in a while. I could lie and say it's because I've been busy but the truth is I just have absolutely nothing to blog about. I have to present this in front of my class next week, something I'm dreading. The Harry Potter movie is coming out soon (by soon I mean four months)! Which I'm so excited for I can barely type this.

Also coming out soon is Watchmen the movie, which is an amazing graphic novel that I love. My sister and I are going to see the midnight showing because we're that excited for it. You can watch the trailer (hopefully) right under this text. It has Jeffery Dean Morgan in it, who plays Denny on Grey's Anatomy. He is also an amazing actor who I love and have a tiny crush on.

Next thing I'm excited for is LeakyCon. LeakyCon is a Harry Potter convention which this year, is in Boston. I'm not yet registered but I will be soon, hopefully. Not only do I LOVE Harry Potter, but the Vlogbrothers are going as well as a bunch of nerdfighters who I know, which should be tons of fun. If you're interested in attending the convention you can go here to learn more about it. It should be good times, and lots of fun. I'm not sure if Julia Nunes is going, who is one of my favorite YouTube musicians. I think she likes Harry Potter and she lives near Boston, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she's going.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Another Great Video

So, I was sick for a few days, as I mentioned in my previous post, and while I'm sick I tend to find new music and new videos on YouTube. This time when I was sick I found one video that just sort of stuck out in my mind because it was so good. I love this song, and it was covered so beautifully, I had to post it.

New PostSecret?! YES.

Okay, so this was the last secret on the page, and it was my favorite. Yesterday I took a surevey on facebook and it said "are you happy with your life right now?" I believe ny response said soemthing along the lines of "oh yeah, i want to stay in this shitty town for the rest of my life..." which was me being sarcastic because I currently hate everything about my life, besides a few things. And to think that there is someone in the world completely content with everything in their life, is astounding. To say that a human being has gotten everything they have ever wished for is an exaggeration, I think. Is it really possible for someone to say that they got everything they have ever wished for? I want to meet this person, very badly.

Sick, Nothing to Say

Today, I am ill. But, I went to school today because I missed that last two days of school, and I didn't want too much make-up work. Today it is wonderfully warm! And by warm of course I mean 40 degrees F. I wore flip flops today to school in celebration of this, and peoples' reactions were something like this.

Me: They're comfy?

I mean really, what is the big deal? I wear flip flops all year round, they are so comfortable. Ah, well, I suppose I am a bit weird, but you figured people would be used to it by now. I also have a new PostSecret to share, which I'm going to post in a seperate blogpost, after I finish this one. *Groan* I hate not being able to breathe or talk normally... I want to go home now.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


PostSecret is one of my favorite blogs, and I found many secrets recently that I liked, so I'm blogging about them.

On PostSecret, a playlist was posted just below this secret. I have at least four of those songs in my ninja playlist right on over there in the sidebar, that's all I'm going to say.

(I'm deeply considering that the person who made that playlist is some sort of music genuis)

I hate where I live probably more than anything else in my life, so this secret meant a lot to me. On the back it read "I guess it's not where I am but WHO I am." Which probably holds true, but I am choosing to ignore it because I've spent all my time imagining how awesome it will be to escape from here; I don't think I'll ever let that go. I guess I'll find out when I leave, finally.

The Office

So, on Super Bowl Sunday, there was an hour long episode of The Office (my favorite TV show). You can go watch it on hulu if you feel the need to, which you should. It was hilarious, I found myself laughing out loud more than once, especially during the cold open. I really liked the ineraction between a lot of the characters, especially Jim and Pam. I am a total fangirl when it comes to Jim and Pam romance. It was the best episode so far in season 5 by far, which isn't too great overall, but this episode rocked!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

It's no secret to those who know me that I'm not a huge fan of movies or TV. I'm pretty much books and internet-centric. Well, a little while ago I went to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button with my mom and sister (I'm so cool, and you know it) and it was SO good. I'm really picky about movies, I pretty much have four favorites. Those being Once, Garden State, Little Miss Sunshine, and Juno. I think Benjamin Button just might have to be added to that list. The acting was amazing, Brad Pitt is insanely hot, the makeup was good, the screenwriting was excellent, and I just loved the whole thing. People were complaining about the length of the movie "WAAH it was so long, I couldn't sit through it!" It honestly depresses me that humans can't sit through a three- hour-long movie. That's the kind of thing that leads me to believe the scenario in Fahrenheit 451 might become true soon.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Environment

Today, I am blogging about the environment.

So here's the throwdown:

Humans kind of suck, and since the Industrial Revolution, we have been the cause of a crapload of greenhouse gasses, which depletes the ozone layer. Since the ozone layer is what keeps the ultraviolet rays from like, killing us all, this is not good. It also causes sea levels to rise, the arctic to shrink, and a bunch of other horrible things.

Here's what you can do:

So to prevent the amount of greenhouse gasses you personally contribute to the environment dying, you can start with your car. You can get an environmentally sound car from really any dealership. They are made by Toyota, Honda, Volvo, and too many other ones for me to mention. It would be even better if you stopped using your car all together and ride a bake, walk, or use public transportation. Go look at a blog about clean technology called ecogeek (they also have a twitter). It's mainly run by Hank Green, one half of the vlogbrothers. Other things you can do are recycle, compost, use cloth grocery bags, and other little things like turning off lights when you're not using them.

The world is going to end eventually, but it would be nice if your great great grandkids didn't have to live when that happens. So you should do your part to save it.